Auch ich geselle mich mal unter die Blogger. Flüchte mich vor der dreckigen Welt in mein persönliches Kartoffelkloßland. Und schmeiße meine wirren Gedanken in diesen Müllbeutel..


I see you
through the eyes of the night
In the dark
you seem to be so graceful
I know
you’ll never love me
But I, I feel
I feel you close to me


things i don’t own enough of
• lingerie
• candles
• make up
• other useless things that will get me nowhere in life but I want them

I get inspiration from everyone and everything. Literally! I have been writing for sooooo many years now, I find it in everything. The flowers and the trees, the man on bent knees…asking his love to marry. I find it in the clouds the sea in you and them and him and her and yes, even in me. I am inspired by my wife, my kids, my crushes, my muses…I’m inspired by past loves, God up above, the drink and the drugs, the collarbones the hips the shoulder shrugs. I am inspired by the real the fake the rain and the way the world shakes in times of tragedies. I’m inspired by the love of others, by your love for writing, by my love for almost everything you can imagine. I am inspired by smiles and miles between us, by the curve of breasts, the wet of the nests…the skin I love best. I am just fucking inspired by writing and you and everyone else who picks up the quill to pen their story, their lives and loves…and hate and pain…and you know, etc. etc. etc.

~Kevin Stock (upon being asked by a Dear Friend what inspired me)

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